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Trust in the Sharing Economy

Sharing economy platforms disrupt the traditional players by offering convenience and better value and it is up to the platform to put in place as many safeguards and guarantees in place as possible so users feel comfortable transacting with another user, quite often a stranger. Trust is the currency of the sharing economy.
Is the car sharing industry finally ready to move up a gear?

“Congested cities, with increased traffic and pollution, penalise car ownership while customers are encouraged to use public transport,” he says. “Car-sharing sits in a niche between the two and is able to offer the comforts of private transport with the flexibility and economies of scale, driven by a sharing model.”
'We make £1,000s by renting out our cameras and cars online'

John Mulvey, 51, began to rent out his car on easyCar Club in February last year and has since built up a mini-empire of five vehicles which he hires out for £35 a day. After easyCar Club takes its cut he's left with £25. He estimates that he earns just under £1,200 a month.
How can entrepreneurs capitalise on sharing economy growth?

For example, how many people would have considered renting out their underused car, even less than five years ago? At present, car ownership is still the norm, but peer-to-peer rental services are becoming an ever more reliable and convenient alternative.
Why The Future Of Driving Is Closer Than You Think

Research from the RAC shows that cars actually sit unused on our driveways 96% of the time. For such an expensive belonging, we really use our cars a tiny fraction of the time. The cost per use is simply unreasonable.
Pay squeeze: three ways to make some extra cash

If you have a car sitting on your driveway while you’re at work, or a spare motor gathering dust, you could earn as much as £500 a week by renting it out. Several peer-to-peer car sharing websites have sprung up in recent years. The sites all have slightly different user criteria and charging structures, so again it’s worth doing your research.
Rent it out for cash

easyCar Club is part of the easyGroup, best known for its easyJet brand. It lets you rent out your car or van (as long as it's owned by you, so not a company van). You say when your vehicle is available and can decide whether to say yes when someone wants to rent it. easyCar Club does the driver checks – you can opt to meet the driver to hand over the keys or use a coded key safe.
How entrepreneurs can take advantage of the sharing economy

It seems like an obvious solution to rent out the items we rarely use, but only a couple of decades ago this was not the case. It’s only over the last few years in which we have seen the rapid growth of the sharing economy, an industry that is turning lending personal assets into a business model.
7 ways to make money from your car

Registering your motor with a service like easyCar Club means other people can pay to use it when you don't need it. Chief executive of easyCar Club, Richard Laughton, told us that more than 5,000 people lend their cars out, and can make up to £3,000 a year. One user told us that she only occasionally lends her car, and makes no effort at all to promote it, yet she makes £1,000 a year.
Pretend you're in The Italian Job or get the bus?

Richard Laughton, chief executive of easyCar Club, which launched in 2014, says: "We provide owners with lockboxes they can attach somewhere outside their house, and send a one-use pin to the renter to take the key out, and put it back at the end."
25 ways to make money from home

If you are not using your car, then why not earn some money by renting it to someone else? Rental companies such as easyCar match car owners with renters. The website says average earnings can reach £1,500 while regular users can earn up to £3,000 per year.


5 ways to make your money work harder for you in 2017

It has never been easier to make a bit of extra money by renting out your existing assets such as cars or even your home. easyCar Club allows drivers to rent out their cars for extra cash when they're not using them.
5 smart ways to make money from your car

Whether you’ve just bought a car, or you’ve been driving for years, you’ll agree that everyday motoring can be costly. Expenses can quickly mount up, sometimes to the point where you may even consider getting rid of your car. But there are ways your car can help pay for itself. And sometimes even make you a profit.
Parents: Teach Your Children How To Share - It’s About To Become Vital

We’ve all heard of Airbnb and many of us are happy to rent out our rooms or homes out to other people. But research from easyCar Club shows that a huge 60% of people have never even heard of the sharing economy, and a further 35% of Brits don’t understand the term well.
Would you rent out your car to make money? ‘I’ve made £2,300 in two years’

It’s not every day that you hand over your car keys to a stranger and let them drive away. But one "peer-to-peer" car-sharing website allows drivers to do just that. And you make money from it too. The website, easyCar Club, which is backed by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the founder of easyJet, was launched in February 2014. It now has more than 5,000 vehicles around the country ready for hire.
Would you lend your car to a stranger? How about if it made you thousands of pounds?

There are some people who couldn't imagine a time when they'd let someone else drive their car - let alone take it away for a spin on their own. However, there are around 5,000 people in the UK who are prepared to hand over their keys - in much the same way as Airbnb users hand over theirs - and they're making a fortune in the process.
The Entrepreneur: Richard Laughton, easyCar Club

easyCar Club has grown to be UK’s leading peer-to-peer (P2P) brand, but we have not lost sight of the driver of profit, the online brokerage. Usually a business launch is cash-consuming and the demand of two sides of the business can conflict, but we have managed to run the two effectively and expect to see growth.


'How I'll make my car pay for my house deposit'

And Mr Afridi is making sure his car is also profitable outside of his nine to five. He hires it out to fellow motorists at the weekend through easyCar Club. The site allows owners to list their car’s availability – weekends in Mr Afridi’s case – and the daily rate they charge to people who want to rent it.
How to profit from perfect strangers

Until recently if there was a stranger sleeping in your bed, another driving your car and someone else loitering outside your front door you would have called the police. Now, it probably means that you’ve joined the “sharing economy” — you rent out your home on Airbnb, make some extra money through EasyCar Club and have paid someone to wait for a delivery using TaskRabbit.
Ford debuts car-share pilot in 6 U.S. cities and London

"As most vehicles are parked and out of use much of the time, this can help us gauge our customers’ desires to pick up extra cash and keep their vehicles in use," David McClelland, Ford Credit vice president of marketing, said in a statement.

The company also announced 12,000 Londoners will also be able to use the program through the easyCar Club platform.
Ford Embraces Car-Sharing And Electric Bikes On A Crowded Planet

Ford’s finance arm, Ford Credit, is launching pilot car-sharing programs with two partners — Getaround in the United States and easyCar Club in London — that will allow Ford owners to rent their vehicles to prescreened drivers when they are not in use. “Think of it as AirBnB for cars,” Fields said.
Carmakers launch peer-to-peer vehicle sharing

Ford has also launched a six-month pilot scheme to allow 12,000 customers in and around London who have bought cars through its financial services arm to rent out their vehicles, using easyCar Club, an online peer-to-peer platform.
From couriers to car clubs: How the power of sharing could help you save money, cut costs and share the love

Motorists whose cars sit idle on the driveway most of the time can rent them out to drivers who don’t own a vehicle but need one. This is possible through website easyCar Club, which is backed by the wider easyGroup. The business has recently extended its service to let members deliver their vehicles directly to a renter’s location and earn a bit more.
Spare room, desk or under-used car? Here’s how to make money from the sharing economy

Whether it’s renting out your spare handbag through The Handbag Rental or putting your car up for rent through EasyCar Club, with the sharing economy in the UK set be worth around $15bn (or £9bn) in 2025, according to PWC, it’s worth seeing what kind of extra income your own spare resources could bring you.
Get your share of the sharing economy

Then there’s your car. How often do you actually use it? The typical British household owns a car that stands unused for 2.7 days each week. EasyCar Club owners monetise their cars to the tune of £1,800 a year...


Younger generation moves away from owning a vehicle

easyCar Club, the creation of Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder of the easyJet airline, and Brent Hoberman, the lastminute.com founder, allows car owners to make money by renting their vehicles to other members when they are not being used.
Hackney's Carriage

Hackney's Carriage: easyCar Club has gifted the borough of Hackney its own taxi, decorated in the traditional East End 'pearly' style. The cab was launched by Pearly King and Queen: Bob Paice and Doreen Golding
Taxi-ing doesn’t have to be taxing, hire a cab for £10 per day

Finally, a chance to put your banter and collection of flatcaps to good use. From just £10 per day, you can hire a TX1 taxi, decorated in the motifs of the famous Pearly Kings and Queens, and drive it around the capital like you’re a genuine cabbie.
Bargain Hunter

easyCar Club, the peer-to-peer car and van rental service, has launched an iPhone app to help members find cars and vans nearby.
Beat low interest rates by cashing in on spare assets

easyCar Club allows motorists to lend cars to a member of the club. Research by the service suggests households own at least one car that goes unused for an average of 2.7 days each week. It estimates that this can be turned into an average income of £3,200 a year.
Rising costs sees drivers abandon cars

The research by easyCar Club found 53% of Glaswegian and 48% of Edinburgh car owners had reduced their driving since last year.
Getting to know you: Richard Laughton, CEO, easyCar Club

We talk to Richard Laughton who spotted the growing trend of the flexibility of sharing or renting rather than owning cars and vans and about what defines the way that he goes about their business.
easyCar Club launches new van sharing service

easyCar Club has launched a peer-to-peer van sharing service, which it claims is the first in the UK. The service, which is free to join, capitalises on the growing trend for sharing and renting rather than owning vans.
Young drivers can’t afford to own a car

Research has discovered a whopping 76% of drivers under the age of 30 are finding owning a car too expensive. The study, carried out by easyCar Club, also found that nearly half (46%) are considering ditching their vehicle in a bid to save money.
Motorists are earning money by renting out their cars

If you’re a car owner and don’t put many miles on the clock, you could be missing out on thousands of pounds. easyCar Club offers drivers the chance to rent their car out to other motorists, when it’s not in use. Car owners can earn over £3,500 a year for each vehicle they list. The average earnings are £150 a month.
How to rent out your assets to boost your income

New findings from peer-to-peer rental service, easyCar Club, show UK households could make £650 a month (or just over £7,800 a year) by sharing assets such as these; the research analysed potential earnings per household based on the number of days and weeks these assets go unused.
Bargain Hunter

The average British household could make £7,803 each year by renting out their own stuff – such as cars, homes, driveways and spare rooms, reckons easyCar Club. The company – a peer-to-peer car rental service – says the average British household owns at least one car which is parked, unused, for an average of 2.69 days each week.
Your most valuable digital asset? It might just be your integrity...

“It would be good to move toward aggregated trust profiles, with integration of social media that would show the frequency with which you use them. You’d really get to know a person’s potential trustworthiness,” says Richard Laughton, CEO of easyCar Club — the peer-to-peer car lending site that last month rolled out its services nationwide after a successful London trial in 2013.
How to rent out your car

If you worry that you aren't quite getting value for money from your car, what about renting it out? easyCar Club ran a pilot in London last year and has since revealed it's going national. According to Richard Laughton, the company's CEO, the average return for owners was £150 a month, while the best was more than double that at £4,000 over the year.
Need a car? Hire your neighbour's, says easyCar

Car owners across the UK can now rent out their vehicles when they are not using them, following this week's nationwide launch of easyCar Club. The brainchild of easyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the service is expanding nationally after a successful trial in London last year.
easyGroup to take car-sharing idea on the road across the UK

easyCar Club now has hundreds of car owners and thousands of members borrowing their vehicles in the city, a spokesperson said yesterday. The firm aims to sign up 5,000 car-owners nationwide by the end of the year, and said London owners have made £1,800 a year on average by renting out their rides.
Car hire scheme  an Easy way of  cutting costs...

Andrew Quinn found a way to recoup his motoring costs - by renting it out. The 30-year-old and his wife Elisabeth have made about £500 through the peer-to-peer hire scheme operated by easyCar Club.
Turn your unused car into a nice little earner

A service that lets motorists make money by “renting” out their car to local drivers is launching nationwide today. The online system, called easyCar Club, claims it will allow drivers to make money to offset the rising cost of motoring. Locals may benefit from a cheaper and more convenient way of hiring a car.
New scheme allows motorists to rent out their cars

Car owners could make money by renting out their cars when they don’t need them. A new car rental scheme, easyCar Club, has been launched nationwide, which allows members to hire out their cars to people who want occasional use of a car.


Ker-ching! Your car can be a hot new property

easyCar began as a website for customers to compare rates between car-hire firms but has now built a "neighbour to neighbour" rental service that allows car owners to post their vehicle online for rent at any time when they are not using it. Now, when people compare hire costs, privately owned cars appear alongside rates for the likes of Hertz and Europcar.

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