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Comprehensive Insurance Cover

Rent safely – we’ve got you covered

We’ve teamed up with Admiral, one of the UK's leading car insurance providers, to provide specially tailored insurance cover for easyCar Club rentals.

How it works

  • Each rental arranged through us is covered by our insurance policy for the rental period
  • Admiral insurance coverage starts as soon as the rental period starts
  • The driver is covered for damage to the car up to its replacement value (to a maximum £40,000) and third party property is covered up to £20m in value (plus £5m for costs)
  • When the rental period ends, our insurance coverage of the car ends – and it's back under the owner's standard cover

Peace of mind for Owners

If the driver has an accident, Admiral will:

  • Pick up the tab so your own insurance won't be affected
  • Take care of assessing damage and getting the repairs done
  • Provide a Class A courtesy car to you if your car is being repaired in an Admiral approved repairer


The rental price for each car listed on our site includes our comprehensive insurance provided by Admiral, so you can easily compare prices when searching for cars. There is an excess of £600 per claim for standard vehicles and £750 per claim for some higher value vehicles. This excess amount is reduced to £200 or £250 respectively if the driver purchases the excess reduction option for an additional £8.95 per rental day (or £9.95 per rental day for higher excess vehicles).

Eligible Drivers

easyCar Club only accepts good drivers! Drivers are only eligible to join if they are UK residents and have a full licence from the UK, EU or a small list of eligible countries like Canada and New Zealand. In addition, we have strict limits on the number and type of endorsements that a driver can have. Generally, more than 2 motoring convictions, any driving ban or any non-motoring criminal convictions will automatically exclude a Driver from joining the Club.

As well as collecting a number of documents from each Driver, one of our UK-based team personally speaks to each Driver before they can join the Club. In addition, Admiral run checks with the electoral roll and standard industry fraud prevention agencies. So not only are you protected by our insurance, you have the added comfort of knowing that all members are vetted to strict criteria.

Eligible Cars

For the safety of all our members, we only accept cars up to 15 years old, up to certain value and mileage limits. Each car is reviewed by Drivers, and cars that receive poor ratings are removed from the platform. What’s more, our insurers also run identity, DVLA and insurance claim checks to confirm eligibility of the car’s owner.

For more information on eligibility please read the Owner FAQs.

What’s covered? And what's not?

You can read the Insurance Product Information Document which highlights the key features and exclusions of the policy.

You can also find the full policy booklet here.

Do I need to tell my insurer?

Yes, you should check with your underlying car insurance provider that they are happy for your car to be part of easyCar Club. You will also need to make sure that renting out your car doesn’t take you over your designated mileage limit if you have one. However, if your underlying insurance provider is Admiral, Bell, Diamond or Elephant you do not need to inform them that you are renting your car out, as these insurance providers have previously informed us that they will allow car owners to rent their cars through easyCar Club. You do still need to heed any mileage restrictions of course.

If you are insured by a company other than Admiral, Bell, Diamond or Elephant and they advise you that they would not permit peer-to-peer hiring under your policy, then you do have another option. You can contact Admiral on 0800 600 800 who may be able to offer you a quote for your underlying insurance, on terms that will permit peer-to-peer hiring through easyCar Club. If this quote is competitive and the product is suitable for your needs, you could consider moving your underlying insurance to Admiral and then joining easyCar Club. Remember, irrespective of who your insurance provider is, you need to have current comprehensive UK insurance on your vehicle to be able to join easyCar Club.