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Driver Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I make a booking after 30th November 2018?

Our insurer, Admiral will soon cease providing insurance for our peer-to-peer rentals. We are in discussion with alternative suppliers but cannot guarantee that we will be able to continue to provide the service.


Am I eligible to join easyCar Club?

You must:
  • Be aged between 21 and 75 years old
  • Be a current UK resident with a UK residential home address
  • Hold a valid driving licence from the UK, EU/EEA, USA or one of the following countries: Andorra, Australia, Barbados, BVI, Canada, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland and Zimbabwe
  • Have held a full valid driving licence for a minimum of 12 months (or 36 months, if you’re under 25)
  • Have no more than 6 points (CU, SP & TS prefixes only) on your licence (UK licence holders) or no more than 2 speeding convictions (non-UK licence holders) and no bans or disqualifications
  • Not have any non-motoring criminal convictions
  • Have had no more than two fault claims in the last 3 years, or no more than 3 non-fault and fault claims in total in the last 3 years

Is there any flexibility on the eligibility criteria?

These criteria are intentionally strict for the protection of all our members. If you have any questions about the status of your licence, please contact us to discuss.

Do you accept young drivers?

We accept experienced drivers aged 21 or over. If you are under 25, we can only accept you if you’ve held a full licence for a minimum of 36 months. You will also have to meet the same eligibility criteria and pass the same checks as all other driver members. There are certain higher value vehicles that you are not permitted to rent. When you’re logged into your account, you’ll see all the vehicles that are available for you to rent and all prices will include the higher insurance premium applicable to young drivers.


Who's behind easyCar Club?

We’re part of easyCar.com, an established car and van rental business in the UK, which facilitates tens of thousands of rentals every month.

We’re backed by Sir Stelios’ easyGroup and leading venture capital investors PROfounders Capital whose investors include Brent Hoberman (founder of lastminute.com). We have a committed team who are passionate about car sharing, and you'll find several of our own cars listed on the website.

The ‘easy’ brand has a fantastic reputation for making things simple for consumers, and stands for great value. So it’s only natural that we were the pioneers of this new service in the UK when we launched the Club back in 2012. Not only are we the largest peer-to-peer market place in the UK, but we are also the most experienced with thousands of successful bookings completed.

Why are you better than the competition?

In the last few months, a number of new peer-to-peer car rental market places have launched in the UK. But here’s why we’re the best for renters:
  • We are the largest peer-to-peer car rental market place in the UK, so you have the best chance of finding a car with us when you need one
  • We have literally years of experience in peer-to-peer car rentals, meaning that we’ve had time to iron out all the issues
  • Our policies are clear and transparent and you’ll find extensive guidance throughout the process and on our website to make your experience run smoothly
  • We have a dedicated UK-based Member Services team so there’s a peer-to-peer expert on the end of the phone if you need one
  • We’ve partnered with Admiral, one of the UK’s leading motor insurers, so that if something does go wrong during a rental you can be confident you’re protected


How do I join easyCar Club?

Membership is FREE, and it's quick and easy to apply. There is no annual membership fee to pay.

Just sign-up as a Driver and upload a picture of your driving licence and a photograph of yourself ('selfie') for your profile page. For UK licence holders only, we will ask you to generate a free DVLA check code which we will use to check your licence's validity and endorsements. Subject to address verification requirements, we may also ask you to submit a copy of a recent utility bill and passport.

We will email you after one working day to let you know if you have been accepted or if further documentation is required.

Once accepted into easyCar Club you will be ready to log into your dedicated online account and make your first car hire.

How long am I a member of easyCar Club?

Once accepted, you can remain a member of easyCar Club for as long as you wish. However, as a members Club, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel membership in case of misconduct or persistent inappropriate behaviour. We’ll also have to end your membership if you cease to meet our eligibility criteria.

You are free to cancel your membership at any time.

As a Driver member, can I also put my own car into easyCar Club to rent out to others?

Of course, but you will have to sign up as an Owner member. Once you have become a member, you are free to apply for your car(s) to be part of the community as well. We will just need some details about your car, including ownership and registration details. You can apply through your member dashboard.


Do I need to take out special insurance cover?

No. Every rental is covered by comprehensive insurance from Admiral, one of the UK’s leading motor insurance providers. Drivers are covered by fully comprehensive insurance which includes cover up to a maximum liability of £20 million for third party property (and an additional £5m for third party costs). Refer to the full policy document for more details.

Like most car hire insurance policies, there is an excess payable by the Driver in the event of a claim. The amount payable is £600 per claim for most of our vehicles and £750 per claim for some higher value vehicles. This excess amount is reduced to £200 or £250 respectively if you purchase the excess reduction option for an additional £8.95 per rental day and £9.95 per rental day for higher excess vehicles.

The majority of our members choose this excess reduction option, so this is pre-selected at check out. Please untick to opt for the higher excess amount instead. The total insurance premium and corresponding excess levels are clearly displayed when you check out.

What happens if I damage the car I am using, or if I am involved in an accident?

We realise that unfortunately accidents do happen. If you are involved in an accident, we ask that you telephone the insurance company as soon as possible. All the details you require will be on your booking voucher.

Your rental includes fully comprehensive insurance cover but the excess amount will be at your cost if a claim is made. In the unlikely event that you are involved in multiple incidents during a single rental, you may be liable for multiple excess amounts. Separate excess amounts apply for windscreen damage or replacement.

In our experience, the total bill of an insurance claim will be minimised the earlier that our insurance partners are contacted.

As with all accidents, ensure that you get the vehicle registration and insurance details of any other parties involved, as well as any witnesses.

What happens if I break down during a rental?

We have also teamed up with Admiral to provide breakdown assistance and roadside recovery for all of our easyCar Club members and vehicles.

If you happen to break down, please notify the Owner and call Admiral Breakdown Cover on 0333 220 2073, quoting the car registration number. Admiral's average response time is 42 minutes (2016 claims data) so you should be on your way in no time, but if any new parts or costs are required you should contact the Owner for approval first.

What should I do if I'm unhappy about an insurance-related matter?

Admiral are committed to providing the best possible service. If they have not met your expectations or you have a complaint regarding your claim, then please follow the complaints procedure here.


What checks do you make on Driver members?

We undertake thorough checks on both Driver and Owner members.

We cross-reference all personal details that we receive through a number of databases, including major insurance databases and the electoral roll. All members must also be approved by our insurance partners, Admiral. If you intend to hire a higher excess vehicle, we may also require additional verification steps such as credit checks.

Why do you need all these details and checks?

Both from an insurance point of view and to give reassurance to our Owners, we want to ensure that the experience of being an easyCar Club member is a fulfilling one for all parties. As you would expect, we are equally vigilant in checking the Owners and their cars as well, to ensure that the cars that are available for you to rent will meet your needs.


What do you need to know about me?

We ask for your name, address and contact number for identification and security purposes. In addition, we ask that you upload a copy of your driving licence and subject to address verification requirements, you may also be asked to submit a copy of a recent utility bill and passport. We accept most file types so you can either scan these or take a photo with your camera or phone. We just need it to be legible. For UK licence holders only, we'll also prompt you to generate a free DVLA check code which we will use to check your licence's validity and endorsements.

Will any of the details I give be accessible to other members?

Once you have a confirmed booking, we’ll send Owner members the personal details that are relevant for them so that they can recognise and contact you. All other personal details will only be used by easyCar for checking, validation and payments. We also share your details with our insurer and other partners, as set out in detail in our terms and conditions and privacy policy.


How do I book a car?

You can search for cars by location on this website by entering a postcode or address. The price you see is inclusive of comprehensive insurance and our commission. There are no hidden costs. Prices are higher for drivers under 31 to reflect our higher insurance costs and higher excess vehicles are not available to book by young drivers.

Once you have selected the car that suits your needs (the car you choose is exactly the car you get to drive), simply complete the short online booking process to make a request for the vehicle. Depending on how the Owner has chosen to list their car, your booking will be instantly confirmed, or may need to be accepted by the Owner before it can be confirmed. Once your booking has been confirmed, you will be sent a Booking Voucher containing the car’s exact address and all the other details you’ll need to collect the car.

At the start of the rental, simply meet the Owner to collect the keys. Or, if the car you have chosen has Remote Hiring as the key exchange method, then 15 minutes before the rental is due to commence we will send through location and access code details to your mobile phone, as well as email you the details. The access code will allow you one time access to the Key Safe, where you’ll collect the keys and return them after the rental.

We will take a refundable security deposit of £600 or £750, depending on the value of the vehicle, from your nominated card to cover any damage up to the excess and/or parking fees, fines, tolls or other charges (e.g. London Congestion Charge, Dart Charge or Toxicity Charge where applicable) that may occur during the rental. At check out, you will be offered the opportunity to reduce this excess amount by paying an additional £8.95 per day of insurance premium (or £9.95 per rental day for higher excess vehicles). The majority of our members choose this excess reduction option, so this is pre-selected at check out. Please untick to opt for the higher excess amount instead. The total insurance premium and corresponding excess levels are clearly displayed at that stage.

What are the different types of availability?

When searching for vehicles on the easyCar Club site, you'll see two types of vehicle availability. Vehicles can be listed by their Owners as "Available on Request" or "Instant Book".

Vehicles will be marked with one of the following icons in their search results and on their vehicle profile depending on their availability:
Available on Request:
Instant Book:

"Available on Request" means that the Owner must accept or decline each booking request before it is confirmed. To make a request, simply follow the prompts and complete the short booking request process. The Owner will then have 15 hours to respond. If he or she doesn't respond within 15 hours, the booking request will be automatically cancelled and you'll be free to search and book for an alternative car. You will not be charged unless the Owner accepts your booking request. Please note however the funds will be reserved (pre-authorised) on your bank account as soon as you make a request, and will be released if the request is rejected by the Owner.

"Instant Book" means that the vehicle is available and instantly bookable. Your booking will be confirmed and you will be charged as soon as you complete the short booking process. These vehicles are a great choice if you need a vehicle at short notice, or if you need the certainty of a confirmed booking.

Remember, whatever vehicle you choose, once your booking is confirmed, cancellation charges will apply unless you can cancel more than 72 hours in advance.

What if I need a car at short notice?

If you need a car at short notice, look out for cars that are listed as “Instant Book”, with the symbol next to the Book Now button. This means that the car is instantly bookable, and you don’t need to wait for a response from the Owner before the booking is confirmed. All the details you’ll need to collect the car will be in the booking voucher you receive, but it’s a good idea to message the Owner through your member dashboard to introduce yourself and ask any questions you may have.

What is delivery and how does it work?

Delivery makes easyCar Club even more convenient. Certain car owner members offer a delivery service, whereby they will deliver their vehicle to you at a location of your choice at the start of your rental, and collect it from the same place at the end.

To make use of the delivery service, simply search for a car as usual, then apply the delivery filter option. Any owners who deliver to your search location will show in your search results and will be clearly marked as offering delivery. You'll have the option of selecting delivery on the booking page and you'll be asked to specify your exact delivery location. The price you pay will include the delivery charge. Delivery is only available on bookings made 24 hours or more in advance to give owners enough time to make delivery arrangements, and every delivery request must be individually accepted or rejected by the car owner to be sure that the owner can meet your needs.

Can I create a wish list of my favourite vehicles?

Simply click on the button on the search listing or car profile page and you can easily access these profiles from your member dashboard when you are next ready to book this car or get in contact with its owner.

Do you offer vans?

Yes. Your Driver membership covers all our Members' cars and vans around the UK. To book a van, just search as usual and select "Van" under the car type filter menu. All easyCar Club vans are less than 3.5 tonnes so can be driven on a normal "B Category" licence, but as with any rental you should ensure you have a valid licence for the type of vehicle you are driving.

Can I add an additional driver?

Yes, but all additional drivers must be registered as Driver Members of easyCar Club and added to the booking prior to the hire in order to be insured to drive. You can add an additional driver by contacting Member Services before the hire commences. The cost for an additional driver will vary depending on the age of the driver and the duration of the rental. It will not be possible to add an additional driver aged under 25 for higher excess vehicles.

How do I locate my Club car at the start of a rental period?

The booking voucher will contain the location of the car. You can always message the Owner if you need further details.


What happens if the Club car that I rent is damaged or messy when I pick it up?

You are responsible for any damage that occurs during the rental, so you should make sure that any existing damage is clearly documented before the rental begins so that you are not held responsible. You should inspect the car thoroughly before each rental, and take photos of the car’s condition and any existing damage including scuffs, marks and scratches. The Owner is obliged to provide a Condition Report – you should review this and point out any omissions. Further details about what to do at pick up and drop off are set out in your Booking Voucher.

The car owner is responsible for making sure that your car is roadworthy, full of fuel, clean and that any personal items and valuables have been removed before each rental.

You should return the car in the same state, and with the same level of fuel, that you picked it up in. For Remote Hiring (where you do not meet the Owner in person when dropping off the car), you must take and retain photos evidencing the condition of the car as you left it. For guidelines of photos to take, please refer to our blog post.

The damage logging process is very important to ensure a hassle free rental. In order to protect our members, easyCar Club require both Owners and Renters to strictly comply with condition reporting requirements set out in your Booking Voucher. easyCar Club reserve the right to apply a Condition Report Charge if you fail to take the required actions with respect to damage reporting.

If you find the car to be messy, you should let us know immediately. Use the “Leave Feedback” option on your account dashboard and/or call Member Services on 0203 135 0755.

What is Club policy on fuel consumption?

It is the Driver member’s responsibility to replace any fuel that they have used. We recommend that the fuel tank is full at pick-up and is returned full at the end of the rental. If you feel that this is not the case, please email our Member Services team at memberservices@easycar.com or use the "Leave Feedback" option on your account dashboard to let us know.


What are the differences between Face-to-Face and Remote Hiring?

We offer car owners two different methods to exchange the keys to their car.

Face-to-Face Hiring means that the Owner member will meet with the Driver and exchange the keys to the car in person.

Using the Remote Hiring method, the keys to the car are stored in a Key Safe and accessed by the Driver using a unique, randomly-generated code that only the driver will receive.

You will be able to see which method the Owner member has opted to use by clicking through to the car profile page.

The symbols used are:
 Remote Hiring


Why should I give feedback on the car hire experience?

easyCar Club follows the well-established model of member rating member. The feedback given helps members (both Owners and Drivers) to build up a good reputation.

Owners that take care of their cars and are polite and helpful to drivers can be commended, and anyone not living up to the standards of the club can be quickly identified. This allows other members to make better-informed decisions about who to rent to, or which cars to hire.

What if I disagree with a rating or comment that I have received from an owner member?

We encourage honest feedback, and will investigate ratings or comments that may be unjustified. Email us at memberservices@easycar.com to request a follow up with the member concerned.


What happens if the owner cancels?

Although we strongly discourage owners from cancelling, as all vehicles are ultimately the private property of the owners, we can't stop them if they really want to. This will adversely affect their rating and, as such, their ability to make further rentals.

If you have a booking which is cancelled by the Owner, we will refund you. You can then search again and rebook an alternative vehicle. If you need help finding an alternative, please contact our Member Services team for assistance.

What happens if I am running late at the end of a rental?

If you know that you are going to be late returning the car, you need to ensure that the Owner is notified and that the insurance is extended (if not you will be driving without insurance, which is both illegal and means that you will have no cover if there is an accident).

During office hours (Mon–Fri: 8.30am–6.30pm, Weekends: 9.00am-1.00pm): Contact our Member Services team on 0203 135 0755 as soon as possible and in any event before the rental period is due to finish. We will try and liaise with the Owner member to extend the rental, and extend the insurance. The later you call, the less likely it is that we are going to be able to achieve this. You will be charged the cost of the rental extension (which may be at a higher rate than the original rental), and possibly further charges if we are unable to speak to the Owner.

Outside of office hours: Contact the Owner in the first instance to advise them you are running late. At least 15 minutes before the rental period is due to expire, contact Member Services by email memberservices@easycar.com to request an extension. Your email should include: Driver's name, the Car registration number and the required extension period (minimum is 1 hour). The Member Services team will pick up your time-stamped communication during office hours, and ensure that the rental period is extended. You will be charged the cost of the extension (minimum 1 hour), and possibly further charges if you were unable to speak to the Owner. The extension may be at a higher rate than the original rental. Your email will serve as your insurance extension, so it is essential that this is received 15 minutes before the scheduled end of the rental period. If your request is not received by this time, your insurance will not be deemed to have been extended and you will be driving illegally without insurance.

Running late is inconvenient for the Owner, and potentially costly for you with extension and overdue fees. When booking, you might consider adding an extra half hour to your rental period if you think there’s a chance you might be late.

Can I extend a rental?

Yes, but additional charges will be payable.

For extensions before the booking commences, please first contact the Owner to make sure they are happy with the change. They may then ask you to cancel your booking and make a new request, or you can contact easyCar Club to modify your request.

For extensions after the booking has started, please follow the instructions in the FAQ above - "What happens if I am running late at the end of a rental?".

In either case, it is imperative that you inform easyCar Club of the extension so that we can extend the insurance for you (if not you will be driving without insurance, which is both illegal and means you will have no cover if there is an accident).

Where should I return the car?

Drivers should return the car as close as possible to the location where it was picked-up. Sometimes car owners will have left tips and instructions about the local area and possible parking locations.

For cars with residents' parking, it is important to ensure that you have left the car in a bay corresponding to that permit. If your rental is Face-to-Face, you will then have to return the car key to the Owner member. If your rental is a Remote Hiring, then you must take photos of the condition of the car as you left it, return the car key to the Key Safe from which you picked up the keys, remembering to lock the Key Safe once the key is inside.

The free easyCar Club app allows Owners and Drivers to easily send each other locations through the messaging function, which can be useful when picking up or dropping off a vehicle.

Will I be held responsible for parking fees and the Congestion Charge or similar during a rental period?

Yes, you are responsible for any parking fees, fines, charges and tolls that you may incur during the rental period. Examples include things like the London Congestion Charge and Toxicity Charge, bridge and tunnel crossing charges (like the Dart Charge in London) and toll roads (like the M6 toll).

The only exception to this is if the owner has prepaid these charges, and you have agreed with them in advance of the rental that you can benefit from this prepayment. For example, many of our London-based cars have residents’ parking permits that will allow you to park for free in certain bays in their borough. If this is the case, it will be clearly set out in the car’s description and you should double check with the owner that this remains the case before renting.

Remember, unless you expressly agree otherwise with the owner beforehand, you are liable for all fees, fines, charges and tolls that you incur during the rental period. Most of such charges are easily paid online, and you should do so before returning the vehicle to the owner.

What happens if a tyre gets punctured during the rental?

Drivers are encouraged to check each tyre before starting their rental. If a Driver has any concerns about the tyres (pressures/tread depth/damage to tyre wall) they should speak directly to the Owner before commencing the rental.

It is the Driver’s responsibility to deal with a puncture that occurs during a rental. In the first instance, the Driver should contact Admiral Roadside Assistance and Recovery. If the tyre cannot be safely repaired, the Driver should contact the Owner before purchasing a like-for-like replacement. The cost of a replacement will be shared equally by the Driver and Owner.

How can I resolve a problem?

We hope you have a great experience using easyCar Club, but if something doesn't go to plan we want to ensure it's fixed as quickly as possible.

If you have a problem with an owner or a rental, your first avenue should be to try and sort it out with your fellow club member directly. Most issues can be resolved this way.

If your problem relates to the website or our service, or if you have an issue that you can't resolve with a car owner, then please contact easyCar Club Member Services via email, post or phone. If you have an issue relating specifically to the insurance provided for your rental, you also have the option of contacting the Financial Ombudsman Service (but you'll need to try and resolve it with us or Admiral first).

We are a small, UK-based Member Services team so you will always receive a personal response and know who is working to resolve your problem and likely timelines for resolution. If we have not solved your problem to your satisfaction, then you may ask to have your issue referred to our Head of Member Services. Details of our full complaints procedure are here.

We exist to offer the best peer to peer car rental market place for our members, so if you have any feedback at any time, we are always grateful to receive it through our Member Services team.


The vast majority of bookings are completed without a hitch, but occasionally things happen and in these instances we need to apply a charge to help cover some of the costs that may be incurred by the Owner, the Driver, or easyCar Club.
Charge easyCar Admin Owner Inconvenience Variable Cost
CLEANING: Car returned in an unacceptable state due to smoking, pets, litter, mud etc £10 £10 Up to £25 for standard valeting service. If there has been unauthorised smoking/ pets or the Vehicle is returned excessively dirty, a maximum of £80 will apply.
FUEL: Car returned with not enough fuel in tank £10 £10 Cost of fuel
LOST KEYS: Car keys not returned/lost £10 £25 Cost of replacement
FINES/TICKETS: Fees for processing driver penalty/fines £10 - Cost of fine paid by driver
DELAY: Late return of car (without prior owner permission) - - Time charged at twice hourly rate, rounded up
CONDITION REPORT CHARGE: In the case of a claim or call out initiated with the Insurer or Breakdown Provider, a Member is liable to a Condition Report Charge of £250 if found to have been in breach of easyCar Club Terms and Conditions with respect to the reporting of the Vehicle’s condition. easyCar will collect the Renter charge on behalf of the Insurer. - - -
CANCELLATIONS More than 72hrs 24-72hrs less than 24 hours No show
By the Driver Free of charge 50% rental to max £50 100% rental 100% rental
By the Owner Free of charge £10 per day to max £50 £20 per day to max £200 £20 per day to max £200 plus £30 charge

For cancellations made less than 72 hours in advance easyCar Club will charge a £10 administrative charge in addition to the cost shown above.

A ‘no show’ occurs if the driver or owner is later than the following ‘pick up grace period’.

If you are running late at the start of a rental we recommend calling the car owner at the earliest opportunity, if you are exchanging keys face to face. This will minimise any inconvenience caused to them and they may be happy to extend the grace period.

Rental Period duration Pick-up Grace Period
Less than 4 hours 20 minutes
4 hours to 4 days 30 minutes
4 days + 1 hour


So how do easyCar Club make money?

We only take a small commission of 10% plus VAT when each car rental is made. This covers our staff, online booking systems, administrative support and marketing costs. This is already included in the price you see when you search for a vehicle.


What is the easyCar Club iPhone / Android app?

The easyCar Club app lets you manage your rentals on the go. Owners can set availability and accept bookings from anywhere. Renters can search and book in a few taps.

How can I download the app?

You can down the app for free from the iTunes App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android).

What devices does the app support?

The easyCar Club iOS App is optimised for iPhone and supports devices running iOS 7.0 or later. Our Android App supports operating systems 4.3 and above.

Can I use the app on my tablet device?

The app is only available for mobile devices, but you can access our fully responsive mobile site from your tablet device by going to www.easycarclub.com from your browser.

How do I use the app?

Once you have downloaded the app to your mobile device, simply sign-in using your existing easyCar Club account name and password. If you're not an easyCar Club member, you can use the app to search for cars in your neighbourhood without signing-in. When you're ready to book a car, or to start renting out your own, join the Club for free.

What are the advantages of the app?

The app is designed to let you manage your rentals on the go. It covers most key features of the platform, plus you can also:
  • Use your current location to search for cars nearby – great for discovering new cars
  • Contact other members – to discuss rental requirements via the messaging platform
  • Easily add photos to any booking – perfect for cataloguing the fuel gauge level, or any issues that might arise before, during, or after a booking
  • Set car availability and respond to booking requests in a few clicks – great for making the market place quick and smooth for both Owners and Renters

Our Member Services team are here to provide personal support for our Owner and Driver members.

And if you have any questions that are not answered in our FAQs we would love to hear from you.

Email memberservices@easycar.com

Call 0203 135 0755 (Mon-Fri: 8:30am-6:30pm, Weekends: 9.00am-1.00pm)

If your query relates to breakdown assistance, please contact Admiral directly on 0333 220 2073, quoting your car registration number