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Owner Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I sign up for easyCar Club?

Our insurer, Admiral will soon cease providing insurance for our peer-to-peer rentals. We are in discussion with alternative suppliers but cannot guarantee that we will be able to continue to provide the service so we don’t want to take on additional car owners right now. For this reason, we are not currently accepting additional car owners into the club.


Am I eligible to join easyCar Club?

Car owners must be 17 or older to apply. There are also some eligibility requirements for your vehicle.

Car criteria
  • 15 years old (or less) at time of joining
  • Insurance group of 1-50 – most makes and models of cars in the UK are accepted
  • Replacement value not more than £40,000
  • Less than 120,000 miles
  • No custom modifications
  • Expiry date of Vehicle Tax and MOT (if applicable) must be more than 30 days away
  • Car currently comprehensively insured in the UK
Lease cars may be acceptable but please refer to the additional criteria below. ?
We cannot accept motorbikes, motorhomes, campervans, foreign registered or imported cars. For details on Van eligibility, see the separate section below.

If your car is a lease car:
  • You must be the person who holds the lease contract.
  • Your lease contract must allow, or at least not specifically exclude, sub leasing or P2P rental of your lease car (it would be prudent to clarify this with your lease company).
  • You must make us aware of any restrictions that may apply to your lease arrangement such as licence types or driver age.
Lease cars – what is not covered
In the event of a claim, the insurance will cover repair to the vehicle. However, in the event of a total loss:
  • The insurance will cover the market value of the car but not any additional costs relating to your finance or lease agreement

Do you accept wheelchair accessible vehicles?

We have worked specifically with our insurers to permit certain wheelchair accessible vehicles to join the Club. We may be able to accept your vehicle if it has been modified to be accessible by wheelchair users. Please contact us to discuss your vehicle, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What modifications are permitted?

Like with most insurance policies, modifications to the manufacturer's standard specification are not permitted under our insurance. This will cover all after-market modifications (such as spoilers, body-kits, customisations, racing kits etc.). Most dealer options and add-ons will be permitted (such as GPS, alloy wheels) provided they form part of the manufacturer's specification at the time of the car's purchase. However, modifications that fall outside the manufacturer's specification for your car will not be permitted, even if they are purchased from the dealer. If you are in doubt, please contact us. For modifications for wheelchair users, please see the FAQ above.


Why is easyCar Club the best for me?

We’re part of easyCar.com, an established car and van rental business in the UK, which facilitates thousands of rentals every month. We're backed by Sir Stelios’ easyGroup and leading venture capital investors PROfounders Capital whose investors include Brent Hoberman (founder of lastminute.com). We have a committed team, who are passionate about car sharing, and you'll find several of our own cars listed on the website.

The 'easy' brand has a fantastic reputation for making things simple for consumers, and stands for great value. So it's only natural that we were the pioneers of this new service in the UK when we launched the Club back in 2012.

Our Owner members now have thousands of rentals under their belt and we’ve received great coverage from all the leading press in the UK. Not only are we the UK’s biggest peer-to-peer car rental market place, but we are also the most experienced. Come join us!

Why are you better than the competition?

In the last few months, a number of new peer-to-peer car rental market places have launched in the UK. But only easyCar Club can offer car owners the following benefits:
  • Years of experience in successful peer-to-peer car rentals in the UK and more than a decade of car rental experience
  • Thousands of vetted drivers around the UK ready to rent your vehicle
  • Constant investment in marketing to help maximise your earnings
  • The peace of mind of dealing with a company that is backed by easyGroup, with a UK-based Member Services team
With a bespoke peer-to-peer insurance and breakdown policy from Admiral - a trusted household name and one of the UK’s leading motor insurers - we're confident that we have built the best peer-to-peer car hire market place in the country.


How much does it cost for a car Owner to join easyCar Club?

It is currently FREE to join, so we encourage you to join today!

Once you’re a member, there are no listing or membership fees either.

Is there a minimum rental commitment?

There is no minimum rental commitment and you are in complete control. You set when your car is available for rent and only rent your car out when it’s convenient for you. Your car will only appear in search results for dates and times that you have made it available.

Can I sign up more than one car into easyCar Club?

Yes. Our Owner dashboard is specifically designed for you to add and manage multiple cars from one account. There is a maximum of 3 cars per household, and all cars will need to meet our criteria.

How do I join easyCar Club?

It is free to join and quick and easy to apply.

Just sign-up as a car owner, filling in details about you and your car. We will email you back after one working day to let you know if your car has been accepted, or if there are any further steps you need to take.

Once accepted into easyCar Club you will receive a Welcome Pack in the post. If you have decided to opt for the Remote Hiring Option, we will also send you a free Key Safe.

You are now ready to log into your dedicated online account and tailor your settings to your needs. You stay in control and decide who can rent your car, at what times it is available and at what price.

How long am I a member of easyCar Club?

Once accepted, you can remain a member of easyCar Club for as long as you wish. However, as a members Club, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel membership in the case of misconduct or persistent inappropriate behaviour. We’ll also have to end your membership if you or your vehicle cease to meet our eligibility criteria.

You are free to cancel your membership at any time. Just email the Member Services team at memberservices@easycar.com and arrange for the return of the equipment we provided – if you were sent a Key Safe.


What insurance cover do easyCar Club provide?

We have arranged insurance cover with Admiral, one of the UK’s leading motor insurers, for whenever your car is rented. Owners and Drivers are covered by fully comprehensive insurance, which includes cover up to a maximum liability of £20 million for third party property (and an additional £5m for third party costs). Your vehicle itself is covered for its replacement value up to £40,000. Refer to the full policy document for more details.

This insurance cover works in parallel with your existing car insurance (which you legally must have in any case), replacing your car insurance for the period of the rental.

Any claims during the rental are against this policy – so your policy remains unaffected.

What happens if my car is damaged while it is being used by another member?

Unfortunately, on rare occasions accidents do happen. We have arranged fully comprehensive insurance cover for all Driver members through our partners Admiral and easyCar Club takes a deposit from each Driver member to cover the excess. This means you are covered financially.

This insurance cover works in parallel with your existing car insurance (which you legally must have in any case), replacing your car insurance for the period of the rental.

Admiral will quickly arrange for the necessary repairs and, if appropriate, provide you with a courtesy car if your vehicle is being repaired in an Admiral approved repairer. It is the responsibility of Driver members to call Admiral if they have had an accident. But if you notice some damage that you believe has been incurred during a rental let us know:
  • Leave Feedback against the booking on your dashboard – ticking the checkbox to indicate there has been an issue with the rental
  • Contact our Member Services team on 0203 135 0755 (Mon–Fri: 8.30am–6.30pm, Weekends: 9.00am-1.00pm) to provide more detail as necessary

Is mechanical damage covered?

Mechanical damage isn’t covered by our insurance, just as it wouldn’t be covered by your regular insurance.

What happens in case of breakdown?

Free roadside assistance and recovery cover is also provided by Admiral to all vehicles in the easyCar Club during the rental period. The Driver will call you to let you know that the car has broken down, and will also liaise directly with Admiral to get back on the road.

What should I do if I’m unhappy about an insurance-related matter?

Admiral are committed to providing the best possible service. If they have not met your expectations or you have a complaint regarding your claim, then please follow the complaints procedure here.


What do you need to know about me and my car?

We ask for your name, address, date of birth, email address, driver’s licence and contact number for identification and security purposes. We also need your bank details so we can pay you.

We also need to know about your car – its registration number, value and features, so that we can include it in the Club and properly identify your car to Drivers who rent it. And of course we’ll need some nice photos of your car too!

Why do you need all these details and checks?

We need to satisfy our insurance requirements and we want to be able to give assurance to all our members. As a car Owner, you can take comfort from the fact that we undertake thorough vetting of all Driver members too.

Will any of the details I give be accessible to other members?

Driver members will be able to see the make and model of the cars available to rent and images you have uploaded. Only when a booking has been accepted by you will we send them the registration number, pick-up address and your email & telephone number.

All other personal details will only be used by easyCar Club for checking, validation and payments. We may also share your details with our insurer and other partners, as set out in detail in our terms and conditions and privacy policy.


Who will be renting my car?

easyCar Club members are not strangers. All Drivers’ identities are verified and past driving records are checked before they are accepted into easyCar Club and allowed to request to hire your car. We only accept drivers who meet the strict driving record and insurance claim history stipulated by our insurance partner, Admiral.

So there’s every reason to expect members who want to rent your car to be good drivers. Remember, you are always in control of who rents your car, and can base your decision on the reviews the Driver received from other members.

After each rental, we encourage both the Driver and Owner to rate each other. The easyCar Club is all about creating a community spirit. All members are encouraged to adhere to community expectations, and fines are in place to discourage poor behaviour.

What happens if a Driver is running late?

A Driver is encouraged to communicate as soon as possible if they are running late – both to you as the Owner, and to easyCar Club Member Services.

The Driver will be required to extend the Rental Period to cover the delay, to ensure that you receive any extra rental fee that is due and to make sure that the Driver's insurance is extended. If the Driver is late without your prior permission, overdue fees may also apply. In either case, you should ensure that easyCar Club is notified of the extension as soon as you become aware that the initial rental period will be exceeded.

How do I extend a rental?

All extensions must be processed through easyCar Club to ensure that you are paid any extra rental fee and to make sure that the Driver’s insurance is extended. If you agree an extension directly with a Driver, but fail to notify easyCar Club, our insurance will not cover the extension and the Driver will be driving your vehicle without insurance. You can call or email Member Services to notify us of an extension..

What checks do you make on driver members?

We undertake thorough checks on both Driver and Owner members.

We cross-reference all personal details that we receive through a number of databases, including major insurance databases and the electoral roll. All members must also be approved by our insurance partners, Admiral.

What about young drivers?

We understand that the identity of drivers is important to you, so we only accept drivers aged 21 or over. Drivers of all ages are put through the same thorough vetting process and must also be approved by our insurance partners, Admiral. In addition, we require that drivers aged under 25 have held a full licence for at least 36 months, so you know that anyone who rents your car is an experienced driver. Drivers aged under 25 are also prohibited from driving some of our higher value vehicles. Remember, with easyCar Club you’re always in complete control and have the option of accept or rejecting each individual booking request if you wish.


How can I be sure that I can make money?

The good news is that most of the earnings go straight into your pocket.

Without the costly offices and vehicle fleets of traditional car hire companies, easyCar Club was designed from the start to make money for its members, by taking on the traditional car rental companies.

With on-going marketing support, online booking and payments technology, the strength of the easyCar brand, and no joining costs, your earnings are only limited by the amount of time you choose to rent your car and the price you charge.

There is no joining fee, no membership fee and no minimum commitment, so there’s no barrier to you giving the Club a try.

When do I rent my car?

Once you are a member, you can use the ‘calendar’ tool in your online dashboard to indicate when your car is available to rent and nominate a pick-up/return location. You can specify your availability on a day-by-day, or even hour-by-hour basis, to ensure you only rent your car when it is convenient to you.

Who sets the daily pricing of my car?

You can choose between setting your own price or letting us set a fair market price.

If you choose Fixed Pricing, you set your own prices, which will then apply to every booking for your car. Although we'll give you guidance about the going rate for your car, ultimately with Fixed Pricing it's up to you.

If you choose Market Pricing, we'll set the price for you, and vary it as needed to make sure your rates are competitive. With over a decade of experience in the traditional car rental market and with constant price intelligence from our easyCar.com brokerage business, we're well equipped to price realistically and competitively. With Market Pricing, we also give you the option of varying your price in line with the market price, using a percentage Premium or Discount of your choice. A great choice if you want to set a pricing strategy to always stay above or below the market price.

The good news is that you can change between Fixed Pricing and Market Pricing as often as you like.

Accepting or rejecting rental offers

You control how your car is made available. Setting your car as "Instant Book" makes it immediately bookable by Driver Members for the particular times you have made it available. Setting your car as "Available on Request" gives you the chance to review each Driver booking request before it's confirmed. In this case, you have the right to reject booking requests, although we ask that you do so promptly so that the Driver has the chance to find an alternative vehicle. Having accepted a rental request or received a confirmed booking, please respect your commitment. A member of the community is counting on you to provide him or her with your car.

Cancel the booking only in case of absolute necessity, and give as much notice as possible.

If you have to cancel a booking you may have to pay a cancellation fee unless you can agree a solution or compromise with the member hiring the car.

Remember, all Club drivers are pre-vetted and should provide a satisfying and rewarding rental experience for you.

Once my car is listed, can I start renting straight away?

Yes, you can start renting as soon as you receive your welcome email. Remember to log-in to your Dashboard to complete your profile, and to change any of the default settings to suit your needs. For example, you may want to write your personal profile or car description, upload photos, set your car’s availability, request a Key Safe, change your pick-up location, or set your own pricing. Your car will be immediately visible in the search results.

What is the booking and Payment Process?

easyCar Club handles all booking payments through our secure online booking facility. We take a standard deposit of £600 or £750 (depending on the value of each car) from each Driver, although the excess can be reduced to £200 or £250 respectively, for an additional £8.95 per day of insurance premium (or £9.95 per rental day for higher excess vehicles). The deposit is in place to protect you from any potential disputes over fuel, cleanliness, delay or minor damage.

What is delivery and how does it work?

Delivery is a new option designed to help you earn more money and get more rentals. We know that many of our owners are entrepreneurial and like to offer a bespoke service, so this option lets you market this service to your customers and to get paid for it.

Delivery is entirely optional, and you have full control over the details in the "Car Details" section of your Owner Dashboard. You can set the distance, times and price at which you're willing to deliver, and you will have the chance to accept or reject each rental request.


You are responsible for making sure that your car is roadworthy, clean and that any personal items and valuables have been removed before each rental. In addition to maintaining a valid MOT (if required), we recommend that you service it to the manufacturer’s recommended standard, routinely check the state of your tyres to ensure they are legal and at the right tyre pressure, and top up washer fluid when it gets low.

You are also responsible for providing a Condition Report to the Renter at the start of the rental, which catalogues existing damage including scuffs, marks and scratches. For Remote Hiring (where you do not meet the Renter in person to hand over the vehicle key), you must leave a pre-populated copy of the Condition Report in the vehicle ahead of the rental.

An electronic copy of the Condition Report is available for download in your Owner Dashboard.

The damage logging process is very important to ensure a hassle free rental. In order to protect our members, easyCar Club require both Owners and Renters to strictly comply with damage reporting requirements set out in your Booking Voucher. Failure to comply with this may result in any claim under the rental insurance being refused or the Owner being asked to contribute towards repair costs.

What is Club policy on fuel consumption?

We recommend that you provide your car with a full tank and ask for it to be returned full. It is the Driver member's responsibility to replace any fuel that they have used. A deposit is taken from Drivers when they book, should there be any minor shortfall. If you feel that the fuel is not what it should be, please use the "Leave Feedback" option in your account dashboard to let us know.


What is the difference between Face-to-Face and Remote Hiring?

As a member, we offer you two different methods to exchange the keys to your car.

Face-to-Face Hiring means that you meet with the Driver member and exchange the keys to the car in person.

Using the Remote Hiring method, the keys to your car will be stored in a Key Safe (which we provide) and accessed by the Driver member using a single use PIN sent to their mobile phone just before the rental period starts (and then another at the end of the rental to put the key back). Remember that under Remote Hiring, you may not meet the Driver member in person, and in these cases will have to leave a pre-populated copy of the Condition Report in the vehicle before the start of the rental in order for the Renter to perform a condition check at pick-up.

What are the advantages of Remote Hiring with a Key Safe?

Owners who use a Key Safe are often able to make their vehicles available to rent more frequently and consistently, and therefore see increases in their earnings. Having a Key Safe provides additional flexibility and convenience; as an Owner you can leave your key in the Key Safe and a pre-populated copy of the Condition Report in the vehicle and this means you do not necessarily need to be at home at the time of pick-up or drop-off. Many of our most successful Owners have combined the use of a Key Safe with Instant Book availability, to make their vehicle attractive to Drivers and to maximise their rentals. As a member, you can request a Key Safe to be sent to you free of charge at any time.


Why should I give feedback on drivers?

easyCar Club follows the well-established model of member rating member. The feedback given helps members (both owners and drivers) to build up a good reputation.

Good drivers can be commended and anyone not living up to the standards of the Club can be quickly identified.

This allows other members to make better-informed decisions about who to rent to, or which cars to hire.

What if I disagree with a rating or comment that I have received?

We encourage honest feedback, and will investigate ratings or comments that may be unjustified.

Email us at memberservices@easycar.com to request a follow up with the member concerned.


How can I locate my car once it has been returned from a rental?

Drivers are asked to return cars to the location from which they picked up the car (or as agreed with you). We know that this is not always possible in resident parking bays. So Drivers are asked to return the car as close as possible to the pick-up point and to advise you where your car has been parked.

What happens if my car is returned messy or the lights are left on?

We encourage all members to treat each other and the cars as if they were their own.

If a member fails to do so, then we would like to know, so please let us know using the Feedback tab in your account dashboard.

We also recommend honest feedback and ratings, so a persistent offender will find it difficult to get future rental acceptances.

We protect Owners by imposing fines on messy and inconsiderate Drivers. This money can be used to get your car professionally cleaned.

What happens if my car is damaged during a rental?

We have arranged insurance cover with Admiral, one of the UK’s leading motor insurers, for whenever your car is rented. Any claims during the rental are against this policy – so your policy remains unaffected.

If you notice some damage that you believe has been incurred during a rental let us know:
  • Leave Feedback against the booking on your dashboard – ticking the checkbox to indicate there has been an issue with the rental
  • Contact our Member Services team on 0203 135 0755 (Mon–Fri: 8.30am–6.30pm, Weekends: 9.00am-1.00pm) to provide more detail as necessary
Important: You should notify us of any damage that occurs during a rental as soon as you become aware – this must be within 72 hours of the end of the rental, otherwise any claim may be refused.

What about parking tickets, congestion zone charges and driving violations?

The Driver is responsible for any fines or tickets they incur during the rental. If you receive a notification from the authorities simply send us an email with a picture of the ticket enclosed to initiate the process. You should inform us of these penalty charge notices as soon as this is issued to you and in any case within 21 days of the date of issue to enable the Driver sufficient time to challenge it.

What happens if I suddenly need my car at a time when I have made it available to rent?

If your car has not already been booked for rental, then log into your account dashboard and change the availability to exclude the times that you will be using it.

If a Driver member has already booked your car for the times that you now need it, then this is binding. In this situation, email our Member Services team at memberservices@easycar.com and we will try and help with alternatives, either for the Driver member (if they agree) or for you to use. There may be a charge applicable for cancelling bookings.

What happens if a tyre gets punctured during the rental?

It is your responsibility as an Owner to ensure that your tyres are roadworthy, and Drivers are encouraged to check each tyre before starting their rental. If a Driver has any concerns about the tyres (pressures/tread depth/damage to tyre wall) they should speak directly to the Owner before commencing the rental.

It is the Driver’s responsibility to deal with a puncture that occurs during a rental. In the first instance, the Driver should contact Admiral Roadside Assistance and Recovery. If the tyre cannot be safely repaired, the Driver should contact the Owner before purchasing a like-for-like replacement. The cost of a replacement will be shared equally by the Driver and Owner.

How can I resolve a problem?

We hope you have a great experience using easyCar Club, but if something doesn't go to plan we want to ensure it's fixed as quickly as possible.

If you have a problem with a driver or a rental, your first avenue should be to try and sort it out with your fellow club member directly. Most issues can be resolved this way.

Issues relating to insurance (and the initiation of any insurance claims themselves) must be directed to Admiral using the details set out in your booking voucher. If you do not get a satisfactory response from Admiral please contact easyCar Club Member Services via email, post or phone.

We are a small, UK-based Member Services team so you will always receive a personal response and know who is working to resolve your problem and likely timelines for resolution. If we have not solved your problem to your satisfaction, then you may ask to have your issue referred to our Head of Member Services. Details of our full complaints procedure are here.

We exist to offer the best peer to peer car rental market place for our members, so if you have any feedback at any time, we are always grateful to receive it through our Member Services team.


The vast majority of bookings are completed without a hitch, but occasionally things happen and in these instances we need to apply a charge to help cover some of the costs that may be incurred by the Owner, the Driver, or easyCar Club.
Charge easyCar Admin Owner Inconvenience Variable Element
CLEANING: Car returned in an unacceptable state due to smoking, pets, litter, mud etc £10 £10 Up to £25 for standard valeting service. If there has been unauthorised smoking/ pets or the Vehicle is returned excessively dirty, a maximum of £80 will apply.
FUEL: Car returned with not enough fuel in tank £10 £10 Cost of fuel
LOST KEYS: Car keys not returned/lost £10 £25 Cost of replacement
FINES/TICKETS: Fees for processing driver penalty/fines £10 - Cost of fine paid by driver
DELAY: Late return of car (without prior owner permission) - - Time charged at twice hourly rate, rounded up
CONDITION REPORT CHARGE: In the case of a claim or call out initiated with the Insurer or Breakdown Provider, a Member is liable to a Condition Report Charge of £250 if found to have been in breach of easyCar Club Terms and Conditions with respect to the reporting of the Vehicle’s condition. This charge is payable to an Admiral approved repairer at the time the vehicle is collected following repair. - - -
CANCELLATIONS More than 72hrs 24-72hrs less than 24 hours No show
By the Driver Free of charge 50% rental to max £50 100% rental 100% rental
By the Owner Free of charge £10 per day to max £50 £20 per day to max £200 £20 per day to max £200 plus £30 charge

For cancellations made less than 72 hours in advance easyCar Club will charge a £10 administrative charge in addition to the cost shown above.

A ‘no show’ occurs if the driver or owner is later than the following ‘pick up grace period’.

If you are running late we recommend calling the car owner at the earliest opportunity, if you are exchanging keys face to face. This will minimise any inconvenience caused to them and they may be happy to extend the grace period.

Rental Period duration Pick-up Grace Period
Less than 4 hours 20 minutes
4 hours to 4 days 30 minutes
4 days + 1 hour


How is my vehicle promoted to renters?

We attract over a million visitors a year to our easyCar.com website and facilitate thousands of rentals every month, so you’ll benefit directly from our marketing and car rental experience.

We recommend you make sure your car profile information is up-to-date and completed in full.

Take a range of photos to show your car in its best light – both , external shots - front, side, rear - and interior - to show size of boot, back seat space and the cockpit.

Use your profile description to highlight the condition of the car, its music system (CD, radio, MP3 connectivity) and any parking permits etc. You could mention the date of the car’s last service, or new tyres you’ve fitted, to show Drivers how well you’ve maintained it. Be honest and make sure the information you provide is accurate – you may want to mention any minor bodywork scratches to make the walk-around inspection easier and quicker.

What can I do to affect the number of rentals for my car?

Key factors to consider are pricing (the lower the price, the higher demand), the amount of time your car is available to rent (the more availability the more chances you have of renting) and the description and renter member ratings (the clearer and higher, the more attractive your car will be). And be sure to quickly respond to rental requests from Renters to secure the booking. We send a Welcome Pack to all new Owner members which contains more tips about marketing your vehicle.

How often should I adjust the availability of my car?

We know that it is often difficult to plan too far ahead but you should try to show at least 4 weeks future availability to maximise the earning potential of your car.

We recommend checking the availability of your car in your account dashboard at least every two weeks to ensure that the information is up-to-date. This is particularly important if you have set your car or van as "Instant Book". The more up-to-date and longer the periods of availability, the more likely you are to get rentals.

Even if you are setting your car as “Available on Request” you should try and update this regularly. For example, blocking out periods when your car will definitely be “Not Available” will avoid you receiving unwanted Driver requests that you have to decline.


Do you accept vans?

Yes, we accept vans owned by individuals and sole traders. Unfortunately, we cannot accept vans owned by companies.

Which vans do you accept?

We accept hundreds of popular makes and models of vans up to 3.5 tonnes, from Transporters to Kangoos and many in between. To find out whether your model is eligible, check to see if it's included in the dropdown menus in the "How much can you earn" section of our owner information page. If you are not sure, please contact us.

In addition, the following eligibility criteria apply to all vans:
  • 15 years old (or less) at time of joining
  • Replacement value not more than £40,000
  • Less than 120,000 miles
  • No custom modifications
  • No more than 9 seats including the driver’s seat
  • Expiry date of vehicle tax (tax disc) and MOT (if applicable) must be more than 30 days away
  • Van currently comprehensively insured in the UK

How does it work?

easyCar Club works exactly the same for cars and for vans. Once you've joined as an Owner Member, your log-in details will provide you access to a member Dashboard where you can manage your account and your van's listing. The Club works the same whether you're renting a car or a van, so the information in the rest of these Owner FAQs will apply equally to you and your van and should answer most of your questions.

How does insurance work?

We have arranged comprehensive insurance cover with leading insurance providers Admiral for whenever your van is rented. The policy is the same for all cars and vans in the Club, and you can find full details in these FAQs.

The insurance policy does not cover personal possessions left in the van during the period of a rental. As a tradesperson or small business owner you may have valuable tools, so we would stress that you should remove these from your van before renting it out. This policy is the same for both cars and vans, and most Driver Members will be expecting to receive a clean and empty vehicle when they rent anyway.

What will my van be used for?

Our Driver Members are only allowed to rent your van for personal use. This means that it is likely to be used for moving home, heading to IKEA, transporting props for a school play, or maybe a bit of garden work or DIY. Commercial uses are not permitted.

Is it for me?

We realise that for many commercial vehicle owners, your van is your livelihood. If your van is used constantly and its availability is critical to your business, renting it through easyCar Club may not be for you. However, if your van is unused for some of the time, you can be flexible in your business needs, and you'd like to monetise your asset, then renting your van out could work for you. easyCar Club have done all the hard work for you, and since we launched in 2013 we have put hundreds of thousands of pounds in our members' pockets up and down the country. If you've got your name on your van, then you'll even get a bit of free publicity while one of our members is paying to drive it around.


When do I get paid?

You will start earning money as soon as renters start using your car. We pay cash into the bank account details that you have given us within 14 working days after the end of the rental.

Do I have to pay income tax on my rental income?

The rental income is taxable. You may be able to offset some of your vehicle’s running costs against the income it generates. Your specific liability will depend on your own broader tax situation and we recommend taking professional tax advice to assess the tax due.


How do easyCar Club get paid?

easyCar Club only gets paid when you successfully hire out your vehicle – i.e. when you earn money. We take a small commission of just 10% plus VAT of the rental value. This covers our staff, online booking systems, administrative support and marketing costs.

In cases where the value of the rental is low, we have a minimum fee per day, to recoup our administration costs.

The insurance and breakdown recovery costs and card payment fees are shown within the overall price charged to Drivers and are transparent to Owners when setting their rates.


What is the easyCar Club iPhone / Android app?

The easyCar Club app lets you manage your rentals on the go. Owners can set availability and accept bookings from anywhere. Renters can search and book in a few taps.

How can I download the app?

You can down the app for free from the iTunes App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android).

What devices does the app support?

The easyCar Club iOS App is optimised for iPhone and supports devices running iOS 7.0 or later. Our Android App supports operating systems 4.3 and above.

Can I use the app on my tablet device?

The app is only available for mobile devices, but you can access our fully responsive mobile site from your tablet device by going to www.easycarclub.com from your browser.

How do I use the app?

Once you have downloaded the app to your mobile device, simply sign-in using your existing easyCar Club account name and password. If you're not an easyCar Club member, you can use the app to search for cars in your neighbourhood without signing-in. When you're ready to book a car, or to start renting out your own, join the Club for free.

What are the advantages of the app?

The app is designed to let you manage your rentals on the go. It covers most key features of the platform, plus you can also:
  • Use your current location to search for cars nearby – great for discovering new cars
  • Contact other members – to discuss rental requirements via the messaging platform
  • Easily add photos to any booking – perfect for cataloguing the fuel gauge level, or any issues that might arise before, during, or after a booking
  • Set car availability and respond to booking requests in a few clicks – great for making the market place quick and smooth for both Owners and Renters

Our Member Services team are here to provide personal support for our Owner and Driver members.

And if you have any questions that are not answered in our FAQs we would love to hear from you.

Email memberservices@easycar.com

Call 0203 135 0755 (Mon-Fri: 8:30am-6:30pm, Weekends: 9.00am-1.00pm)

If your query relates to breakdown assistance, please contact Admiral directly on 0333 220 2073, quoting your car registration number