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Johan's Volvo C70

0.00 miles away

About my car


I absolutely adore my convertible with hard top providing an extra layer of security! Once those sunny rays show up (and they are lurking around the corner) I take off that roof and even when there is still a chill in the air, those heated leather seats take care of that ! Unlike lots of other cabriolets, the C70 has plenty of space for rear passengers. Enjoy the drive !


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My car is mostly available over the holiday season. Drop me a message to discuss your rental requirements.

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  • Available on Request - Owners have up to 15 hours to reply
  • Owner will meet you in person for key exchange
  • Higher Value Vehicle for insurance purposes
  • Replace any fuel used
  • Smoking allowed
  • Pets not allowed


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Johan handled all aspects of this hire with ease and style. A seamless experience from booking to drop-off. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire his very enjoyable C70 convertible in the future; in warm or cold, sunny or rainy weather. A great easycarclub experience.

User rating: 5



If EasyCar club asked me to define the best experience I've had with them after 4 years of using them, it would be an easy answer: Johan and his convertible Volvo C70. Johan is super kind and easy to deal with, he provided a great attention to detail to the whole experience, explaining every secret of the car as well as the details of where to park it in the car park, as well as being well comprehensive when accommodating our needs for the rental. Further to the above, the car is simply outstanding! It drives pretty much itself alone, it's powerful and really beautiful, so nothing much to say. Thanks Johan! We will definitely rent your car back in the future!

User rating: 5



Overall experience - Excellent! + Very nice car: elegant, smooth and easy to ride; spacious for what is normally expected of cabriolet. + Johan is super nice and very friendly; he took his time to explain everything and made us feel very comfortable and very welcoming. + 10/10 - Definitely recommend!

User rating: 5



It's been a fantastic experience and Johan was very helpful and flexible. I will definitely rent again. Thanks Johan!

User rating: 5



Really excellent car and wonderful communication with Johan. Even gave me an easter egg as well as money to wash the car as it wasnt cleaned due to Good Friday (shops closed). Enjoyed the experience and wouldnt hesitate to rent again from Johan

User rating: 5

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December 2018
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